How would we know if we were agile

  1. We would have a clear vision of where we want to go.
  2. We would focus on what we need to know to take the next step.
  3. We would be happy not to know every step on the road.
  4. We would empower one another, talk, we would share all our knowledge, share it with anyone who wanted to know, and even some that didn’t.
  5. We would accept our own imperfection and that of others and know we all need to get better, and our best is together.
  6. We would seek enough details to continue our journey, on seeking what is needed, that specific detail needed to actually do something.
  7. We would have working sessions and share our thoughts in real time.
  8. We would focus on outcomes and objectives, empowering and everyone to achieve things by following their path, not thinking they must follow ours.
  9. We would know we must always be learning, and to learn we must show respect and always ask powerful questions.

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